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Traffic Manager – Durban

   Work @ Gorilla

The person responsible for guiding the love! If an agency is a body, then the Traffic Manager is the nerve center, involved with every aspect of our work.

Having a Ball with Hansa and the SWC

   HansaHansa Pilsner

Social media is about meaningful conversations. Online marketers need to proactively create these in a bid to foster engagement. But sometimes, we get the opportunity to join existing conversations.

Social Media Manager – Durban

   Work @ Gorilla

An experienced and knowledgeable amazeballs superhuman who leads from the front. The first over the line, they live and breathe digital, social and marketing.

POND’S Wins at SA Smarties

   Cool Sh*t

POND’S flawless radiance 7 Day Challenge campaign earned a bronze at the inaugural South African Smarties awards on Wednesday, held at Randlords during the Mobile Web Africa conference.

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