As winter approaches everyone (male) in the Gorilla office is frequently checking any and every resource they can find, hoping to catch the first sniff of the next swell and when it’s gonna be blowing offshore. The doldrums of Summer are a thing of the past. Bring on the dawnie.

Unfortunately this means that the guy’s toilet, already not the most heaven-scent of locations, is starting to smell (and look) decidedly wet as boardies, rash vests and full suits are hung out to dry. A clothes rack is needed but of course we can’t just get any old one and trawled the web for examples of cool ones.

There’s not a lot out there but we did find this exceptionally clever hidden dry rack on Re-nest that folds up out of site when not in use behind some decorative bit of art.

Gotta get one. Now we need to hustle some free wetsuits, provided they’re not as lame as these.