The Kaiser Chiefs’ Innovative New Social Media Campaign

Blog posted on June 6, 2011 Awesome

The music industry is often quick to make use of the latest technology for promoting their music. The Kaiser Chiefs band have been the first to put the hype of social media to work for them. Their promotion for their new album, ‘The Future is Medieval’, includes giving fans the ability to create their own cover for the album, choose 10 songs out of 20 to download, and even earn $1 per album that they sell via their own page on the Kaiser Chiefs site and social media channels.

It’s a brilliant marketing campaign that’s using their audience as sales people. The other unique outcome is that every single album will be different, with a different mix of tracks off the new album as well as its own unique cover.

On top of being such an amazing concept, it’s also housed in a super cool interface on their site. Check it out and create your own album at

The Kaiser Chiefs - The Future is Medieval

The Kaiser Chiefs - The Future is Medieval