Not the concept of it. Exploring new territory is one of the great joys of life. It’s the packing, carrying, unpacking, and ceaseless arguments of optimal Feng Shui versus practicality that happen on the other end. So while our office paraphernalia hangs in limbo  (the back of my Fiat Palio Weekender) and we sit on the cold hard floor with nothing but a modem and a couple laptops while our new office gets cleared of debris, dust, paint and plaster, I thought I’d share the agony of re-location with you. It’s the plants I feel most sorry for. They hate change.

Once we’re settled in it’s gonna be sweet. Double the space, cool vinyl prints on our desks. Here’s what mine is gonna look like. We’re still in the Umhlanga hood, actually moving into Gateway. We’ve got some pretty cool neighbours. Wave House on one side and Channel Island surfboards on the other.

Pop by for a visit, but I’d recommend leaving it for a week or two. At least until after Barry’s mom comes and does the Reiki cleanse.