Old Spice Manly Man-isms

Blog posted on July 23, 2010 Awesome

“Hello Ladies, how are you? Fantastic”…  I just know that this line will be used in a bar this weekend by a guy putting on a deep manly man voice.  The Old Spice campaign needs no introduction and I have this funny feeling its genius and hilarious script will be on the tongues of many. I have therefore collated a collection of some Old Spice awesome one-liners for your comedic pleasure.  I feel this is a public service I have provided, so for you to give back as well just find your inner baritone and crack out a few of these wonderful words at the right fabulously fabulous moment. “Monocle Smile”.

Ok wow… I really don’t think the internet can take the strain of any more masculinity filled vocabulary phrases from the Old Spice Man. There is only so much one human sized mind can handle, unless said human mind is transformed by a solar flair which has travelled light years to transmit its brain expanding energy.  And that my friends would be a glorious thing.