Deliberate Failure


There’s an interesting article on Information Week about Netflix’s Chaos Monkey, a bit of code they recently made available to the public. Chaos Monkey is a piece of software that . . .

Hurricanes and Humanity


Hurricane Sandy has generated a lot of media, which is not surprising considering it’s the biggest storm to hit the East Coast of the US in recorded history.

Unclutter Your Facebook Profile


Facebook has over a billion accounts, more brands sign up every day to vie for your attention and soon the introduction of a want button is going to make things . . .

One Billion Users


Facebook hit a billion users recently, which means a lot of people have been walking around quoting Justin Timberlake’s line from The Social Network, or at least versions of it. . . .

Durban Interpreted


The 3rd Annual Interpret Durban went down at the BAT centre recently. The coolest thing about Interpret Durban is that it’s in its third year, which means Durbanites have stuck . . .

Innovation, Have It


At Gorilla, we’re all about innovation and creativity. Here’s an awesome video with a few of the most innovative minds right now, one being the co-founder of Twitter. It takes . . .

Intern Vs Intern Challenge

  Cool Sh*t

We’ve had a couple of interns from Vega in the office for a month and they’ve been kept very busy. We tried to get them involved with as many aspects . . .