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Bio-Strath partnered with Survivor South Africa as part-sponsor of the 2018 Philippines edition. 


The reality show was the perfect platform to showcase Bio-Strath’s 5 benefits (Energy, Focus, Recovery, Stamina and Immune Support), as a 100% natural food supplement, in a natural environment. By aligning these moments with Bio-Strath’s key benefit we found opportunities to educate new and current consumers on the brand through relatable situations.


Beyond the broad exposure gained through sponsoring the show, we wanted to Gain awareness and engage with followers by creating a virtual Survivor experience that put our followers’ problem solving skills to the test. They would need the Bio-Strath benefits to perform.


Survivor contestants occasionally receive written messages stuck in a tree, referred to as treemail. We didn’t have trees, but we did have email, a universally accessible and familiar medium. That seemed a little too easy for the super fans of a show as challenging as Survivor, so we made it interesting, by sending the most unreadable email ever made.


We invited our social followers to motivate why they should join the Bio-Strath Nakaligtas tribe (Filipino for “Survivor”). Eighteen contestants were chosen, receiving a mystery map containing clues to five challenges they needed to answer in a race against the clock (and the other contestants). The last two superfan castaways received double tickets with an all-expenses paid trip to the live screening of the Survivor finale, where they met their favourite castaways and the winner.


Assegai 2018
Bronze – MEDIA AWARDS – 3D
Bronze – MEDIA AWARDS – Email Marketing
Leader – CRAFT – Innovative Solutions
Silver – CRAFT – UX, Interface and Navigation Design

Bookmarks 2018
Bronze – CHANNELS – Email, Direct & Inbound Marketing