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Splash Mob

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What’s the coolest thing you can think of doing with a large group of people? Calm down and get your minds out of the gutter! We’re talking about flash mobs.

Thanks to . . .

iThank You: A Tribute to Steve Jobs

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 Videos, comments and pics to say iThank you.

We here at Gorilla have put together a little something to show our gratitude to one of the men who started it all, and continued . . .


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It’s been a while since we updated the Gorilla blog. Expect, nay, DEMAND more frequent content from your favourite apes. What with a few new clients and office renovation, we’ve . . .

Red bull Manny Mania Finals

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June has been a crazy month with a qualifier every weekend for the Manny Mania finals on Sunday in Kempton Park. We’ve been crossing the country with the . . .

Manny Mania in Wine Country

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The first of four qualifiers in SA to select the finalist for Manny Mania went down on Saturday in Stellenbosch. This is a massive undertaking and a big show of . . .

Getting in on the Mania

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Our newest project, kicking off today, is Red Bull’s Manny Mania. If you don’t know what Manny Mania is, we’ll tell you. If you don’t know what Red Bull is, . . .