Facebook hit a billion users recently, which means a lot of people have been walking around quoting Justin Timberlake’s line from The Social Network, or at least versions of it. This website is probably also seeing a bump in traffic. 

But aside from the monetary implications of the mindblowingly large number, and a reminder that we should all watch the Austin Powers films this weekend, it also marked a significant milestone for Facebook itself: its first commercial.

Which, for all it’s prettiness and sentimentality (and valid points) was ripe for the picking in terms of satire. People were quick to turn around their own spoofs. Some are funny, others a bit more poignant. One wonders why Facebook thinks they needed a TV ad. Perhaps it’s more of an effort to remind people why they’re members of the platform in the first place,

focusing on the relationships people have and how Facebook facilitates that. It’s a fair assumption that a lot of people are going to feel somewhat intimidated by the number. So it’s a reminder that while you’re one in a billion, you’re also operating in a significantly smaller, more intimate circle of friends.

Digital Buzz
ran an article and the accompanying infographic providing some perspective on the figure.

While there’s always going to be backlash against any entity of that size, it’s also cool to think about the good that can potentially be done by an entity that touches so many lives. Think about their efforts to encourage people to become organ donors. Some might interpret this as yet another way to use Facebook to garner acclaim and attention, but if seeing it on your timeline inspires someone else to do the same, that’s ultimately a good thing right?