Join the Jungle

“That’s f*cking Awesome!”

If that short sentence is the response you like to hear when people see your work, please read on – you may be the person we’re looking for. We’re looking for an experienced Creative Director to join our Jungle and lead our young, ambitious and all-round awesome team of creatives. Before we get into the type of person we’re looking for, it’s important you know a bit about us first. 

So, that’s us. 

Now onto you – this role is incredibly important to us so we’re going to throw the kitchen sink at finding the right person. If it’s you then the answer to the questions below will be a resounding “Yes”

Are you a strategic thinker?
Effective creative is important to us. We’re looking for someone with more than a solid understanding of brands and marketing, who can unlock insights and solve problems in an awesome and effective way. 

Are you an experienced, strong and kind leader?
The happiness and development of each of our Gorillas is vitally important to us. Our leaders are expected to invest themselves in building their teams and take the lead in The Relentless Pursuit of Awesome. 

Are you a strong communicator? 
We like to sell ideas in as few slides as possible. We like to present them in a way that leaves people no choice but to shout out “that’s awesome”! The person we’re looking for has a great way of weaving words and imagery together to tell a story. 

Do you start most of your brainstorms with “Oh my how awesome would it be if we…”
We never want to be average. Or even just good. That means we’re only happy when a concept or a campaign makes us say “yeah, that’s awesome”!

Are you comfortable bringing awesome to life across any channel or medium? 
We are a channel agnostic big-idea agency but there is no getting around the fact that the world we live in demands a solid understanding of the digital ecosystem. 

Do you have a portfolio of work to share that will make us say “That’s awesome!”
We’re looking for someone that has been there, done that and got the Lion. Or the Loerie. We’ll even settle for an Oscar. 

Are you the Creative Director we’re looking for? 
Are you awesome? 
If so, introduce yourself via