When we opened shop
11 years ago

Our plan was to look at the world and invent things that made it a better place. We patented a popcorn salt-shaker table media thing that was going to make us millionaires when we sold it to cinemas around the country. Nope.

We built Africa’s first property website for mobile and that was going to make us millionaires.

We went to work inspired and motivated
to do cool stuff

Stuff that made people smile and the world a little more awesome. We read. We blogged. We pitched. We discovered a new thing called “social media” and we spent a LOT of time on there. If fun were a currency we were millionaires many times over (it’s not, and we weren’t). We pushed on relentlessly.

slowly, our ideas became something people did want

And what we did with them gained value. We brought brands both small and famous to life online. As word of our awesome got around, we picked up bigger clients – clients we still have today. Fast forward a decade and we’re officially Silverbacks. Our Jungle buzzes with awesome, incredible, talented, weird, passionate and diverse people who are proud to call themselves Gorillas.

We are a family. a Tribe. A jungle

We have rad offices in two of the coolest cities in South Africa. Our clients (we think of them as partners) include some of the most-loved and most-used brands on Earth. We have won a ton of awards for jobs well done. We have even won four Agency of the Year titles.

The world needs more awesome

That is what drove us when we began and it drives us today.
Our mission was never to be a huge advertising empire or a bleeding edge digital skunkworks.
We were, and always will be, In Relentless Pursuit of Awesome.