Community Manager – Johannesburg

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Have a passion for people and communities? Love to engage, talk a lot and get your hands dirty? Then we want you! We’re looking for a new team member to manage the Social Media accounts of our clients and create content. You’re responsible for the voice of our clients. We need a hard worker who is passionate about what we do and loves being a part of a fun and driven team.


Championing the community and brand, feeding opinion and insight into any creative session to ensure output is on-target.


The Social Media Manager


Creative – Community management and copywriting require a degree of imagination. There is no manual or black and white answer.

Inquisitive – This environment is a never-ending learning curve. If you aren’t finding out new stuff you’re getting left behind.

Team Player – Type of person who steps in and gets involved when they need to help out a team mate, must be willing to work as part of a team and be open to new approaches.

Driven – Task-driven, ability to manage and meet deadlines.

Analytical – Understand and use tools that enable understanding of the efficacy and impact of our work. Brand work should be informed by the performance of the work preceding it.

Passionate – This isn’t a job, it’s a career. We need someone looking to leave their mark on the world and ready to carve a place for themselves in our agency as we grow.

Proactive – Always on the lookout for something new. Willing to step beyond the confines of what we’re doing and look at what we’re going to do.


Managing Client Accounts – The clients communities are routinely and continually up to date, without a static or congested flow in either direction in terms of moderation, response, engagement, interaction and posting.

Copywriting – Create timely and engaging copy for your clients that is on-brand and in line with objectives and platforms.

Brainstorming – Participation in creative sessions focused on solving problems and sharing ideas.

Creative Direction Assisting with provision of briefs to designers for execution of Client content and advertising (in conjunction with the Creative Team and Social Media Manager).

Reporting & MonitoringNoting and evaluating performance and using it to feedback to the Account Manager and Creative Team, with input on how to improve work.


If you’re amped about social and understand that the world is made up of hashtags and trends; and love the thought of big ideas that ‘break the internet’ while staying on target, we’d like to speak to you.

AT LEAST 2 YEAR AGENCY EXPERIENCE. A minimum of one year in a position with duties similar to the ones described.


A degree or a diploma in Marketing, Copywriting, Public Relations, Brand Strategy or Journalism

Outstanding English copy editing, proofreading and copywriting skills

Must have an extremely good eye for detail

Excellent communication and time management skills


Send a CV, social links and cover letter to We just want a cool, talented person. If you have a blog, give us that link too. Basically, we want to see you in action. If we don’t reply to your submission, please assume your application was not successful.