Middle Weight Graphic Designer – Durban

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Are you so in-tune with your creative self that you taste colours and hear shapes? WE WANT YOU!

We need a Middleweight Graphic Designer to join our box of crayons. We’re looking for a digital artist who is long on ambition but short on experience to join our growing creative team. A visual virtuoso to turn briefs into breathtaking bits of bytes.

If you’re not creating awesome design for our clients you’ll be brainstorming the crap out of a brief and coming up with pitches that will blow minds and turn heads. That’s right, you’ll be part of the process from concept to final product. We are looking for creatives with 2 – 5 years in a reputable design/advertising agency.


Creating awesome designs and concepts with a kick-ass team of highly skilled design ninjas.


The Art Director/Creative Director.


Cool, Calm and Collected – Deadlines don’t phase you and the impossible is just another Tuesday morning walk in the park.

Driven – Task driven with the ability to meet tight deadlines.

Dedicated – Must be prepared to work overtime when required (but you’re so organised this won’t ever happen, right?).

Team Player – Type of person who steps in and gets involved when they need to help out a team mate, must be willing to work as part of a team and be open to new approaches.

Passionate – This isn’t a job, it’s a career. We need someone looking to leave their mark on the world and ready to carve a place for themselves in our agency as we grow.

Natural Born Communicator – Able to get an idea across no matter the medium, no matter the audience. Whether it’s briefing, explaining or reporting on the work, people understand you and what you’re saying.

Proactive – Always on the lookout for something new. Willing to step beyond the confines of what we’re doing and look at what we’re going to do.


Design – Create monthly content and campaign work with the ability to take a design from start to finish. The ability to create or use an existing brand ID/key visual and role it out.

Conceptual – Create conceptual work from a campaign to a proactive Facebook post.

Brainstorm – Participate in a brainstorm and make meaningful, constructive contributions.

Helping Hand – Willing to get involved wherever needed.


2 – 5 years experience at an agency.

A design-related degree or diploma, unless you’re a self-taught genius.

Thorough knowledge of the full Adobe design suite, with emphasis on expertise in Photoshop, Illustrator and InDesign.

Adobe Flash, web development, HTML coding, video editing, animation, sound editing and mad barista skills are all bonus abilities that will make us stoked.


Send a CV & Portfolio to craig@gorilla.cm
If we don’t reply to your submission, please assume your application was not successful. Applications will not be considered without a portfolio.