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If you’re a rock solid doer-of-things, love being in the eye of the maelstrom, laugh in the face of chaos and want nothing more than to bend the forces of creation to your will, you’re probably a Senior Account Manager. Or a boat Captain on Deadliest Catch.

We are looking for

An experienced account management person who has a Degree in Marketing/Brand Management with at least 5 years agency experience and an interest in growing their skills set to include digital marketing, to fill a key position in the Jungle.

You will report to the Account Director. You’ll be an integral part of a team responsible for servicing a range of clients/brands whilst directing and growing their presence in the market.

The key responsibilities

 Build, strengthen and manage relationships with clients and assist in promoting Gorilla’s full offering to clients to drive more revenue for the company.
 Lead and provide considerable contribution to brand and marketing channel strategies as required by preparing and delivering the creative concepts, messaging, channel strategies, draft proposals and budgets.
 Assist with setting brand KPI’s and managing the delivery of these by preparing and overseeing the project requirements for all brand activities.
 Identify potential client issues and escalate (or resolve) as appropriate.
 Present competitive analysis, monthly and post-campaign analysis, review and analyse brand activity across channels, and ensure brand databases are suitably maintained and up to date.
 Build, strengthen and manage relationships with client partners, key agencies, media partners and third party suppliers.
 Work with internal teams/departments to ensure they are delivering good quality and timeous work to clients.
 Prepare internal budgets for presentation to the Accounts team, and manage project costings within these.
 Lead creative brainstorming, research, preparation and presentation of strategies (with the assistance of the greater team).
 Briefing community managers, media requirements and managing the delivery of third parties.

Skills and attributes required

• Working knowledge and understanding of marketing assets across channels.
• Knowledge of third party and native digital analytics and reporting tools.
• Experience in media planning, buying and strategy (across marketing channels).
• Good project management skills and organisational ability.
• Financial management (setting up of costs and budgets and management thereof).
• Ability to develop or revise strategy or interpret reporting results.
• Presentation skills (preparation and delivery to various levels of management).
• Excellent written and verbal communication skills.
• Relationship management skills (managing various teams/depts/personalities in pressurised environment).
• Ability to manage work of non-reports.
• Problem solver.
• Detail oriented.
• Team player (sociable and friendly).
• Action-oriented.

If this sounds like your cup of tea, send an email to
If we don’t get back to you after you mail us, sorry, you can assume you have not been considered for the role. Preference will be given to EE candidates.

Closing date

Tuesday, 5th of December 2017.